At Medicare, we provide NHS Trusts with additional capacity to reduce their waiting times and deliver improved clinical outcomes.

Reduced tariffs and budgets and increased demand on services have created a growing need for flexible, high quality, yet affordable solutions to reduce the waiting times for Trusts and meet the needs of patients. Admission figures are rising across the UK, resulting in growing backlogs making it harder to meet treatment targets. More than ever, NHS Departments are looking for innovative insourcing solutions to resolve their problems.

Medicare launched with the simple aim of working alongside the NHS to support departments in meeting their clinical targets.

Our experienced team of Clinicians are ready to be deployed to support your departments at short notice.

How We Work

1. Insourcing

We deploy experienced clinical teams to hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. These clinicians work alongside the Trust’s own staff, or as a standalone support team, adopting the Trust’s own processes and procedures. We aim to integrate our teams with the local staff, patients and working practices.

2. Capacity

Our teams work flexibly both in and out of traditional hours to utilise the Trust’s spare resources. This enables a higher volume of patients to be diagnosed and treated quickly, which improves overall clinical outcomes.

3. Patient Outcomes

Our clinical services allow the Trust to work more efficiently and meet their waiting time targets, in line with national standards and regulatory requirements. This ultimately raises the standard of care and improves the patient experience.

Our Mission Statement

  • Provide cost-effective/great value service for NHS departments
  • Supported by strong clinical governance
  • Scope to support departments nationwide with large talent pools covering multiple specialities
  • On-site teams are approachable and able to provide immediate responses
  • Integration with local teams and able to provide second opinions and training (CPD) when required

Our experienced team has a mix of commercial and clinical experience to meet the demands of our clients.

Find out how Medicare can help you to relieve the pressure of waiting lists.

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